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The first influencer
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day golf brands.


Rise and shine Early Bird. It's a brand new day for golf brands. 
We bring stories to golfers and new business to brands.

The power of digital influence.

Let's face it. Traditional digital advertising doesn't work. Adblock usage amongst millennials is soaring (40%) and consumer trust in advertising is at an all-time low. Influencer marketing is the best way to make sure your messages are seen, heard, and remembered. If done well Influencer marketing content delivers 11x higher ROI than traditional 
forms of digital advertising. And bet your bottom dollar that your potential customer is pretty active on social today. 

So, let's make some noise shall we?


That's what our influencers and content creators all
share with their audiences, the love of golf. That's how they're able to inject authenticity and trust in your campaigns. 
They're putting out relevant and engaging content that speaks directly to their audience. Because this content is perceived as organic it is way more 
engaging and click-worthy than traditional digital advertising and that makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE.

It's golf, so 
it's passion.

Whether you’re simply looking to distribute an existing campaign or need a content strategy to maximise influence and optimise engagement, We Play Golf can 
help. Together we'll select the perfect Influencers to represent your brand and with them we’ll make your 
brand become part of the conversation.  It's our mission to make this process as easy and effective as possible for our clients. And at highly competitive rates!


Full service
Digital Engagement
made easy.


By golfers and for forward 
thinking golf brands.

We provide true influence, massive reach and content that your audience wants to read, watch, listen, share, like and comment. Here's what influencer marketing could do for your brand:

Than tradtional advertising

Per 1000 impressions

Post campaign






As a startup, we’ve been struggling when it comes to getting our products in front of new potential customers. We pretty much tried 
it all but hardly ever saw substantial ROI. Early on experiments with Influencer Marketing were promising yet doing so proved very 
time-consuming and expensive. We Play Golf was an absolute

 game changer. They made it easy and affordable for us to become part of the conversation and to find new customers.

Tim Hoef
Head Of Marketing 
Crisp Golf

Brands we work with


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